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Car coverings

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Car coverings which cargo is covered with while transportation are manufactured in Aztent workshops. For covers intended for protection of cargo against rain and snow an especially durable cloth from awning material is used. Covering from tarpaulin is suitable for wrapping of litter and materials which do not suffer from moisture.

Car awnings for all types of lorries

All kinds of car awnings for big and small lorries called to carry out a number of useful functions such as:

- protection of cargo against external actions;

- protection of a paint-and-lacquer coating of car body.

Aztent offers qualitative awnings of any sizes for the most popular lorries. You can purchase protection awnings which differ by durability of materials and joints, reliability of accessories as well as choice of nonspottable colours.

Materials for manufacture of car awnings

We use the solidest and proved awning clothes in manufacture of qualitative and durable car awnings only.

Order for awning manufacture

Awnings of non-standard sizes are requested for transportation of expensive outsized goods. Besides, heightened requirements are made for their quality. At the same time cars crossing borders shall have hygienic certificates for body elements. We meet halfway our clients who wish to purchase a car awning with required specifications.
Car coverings

Car coverings
Car coverings

Car coverings